Smart industrial buildings

Industrial automation & Control systems

Smarteh’s third generation of customizable PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) is ideal solution for the automation of machines and production lines where high number of various input, output and communication connections per single PLC is desirable.

LPC-3 controllers offers through its innovative design a very attractive solution for a competitive price. The modules are designed with special attention to the machine building market


Industrial HVAC control system

The Smarteh Programmable Controller enables energy-efficient control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications in building. Independent of whether the desired temperature is given by the user, automatically according to the room usage or centrally from the facility management, the controller reacts accordingly. Exactly the required room climate – simply, precisely and economically.

Further on Smarteh network system and energy saving algorithms optimize air handling units, hot and cold water treatment ensuring entire building energy consumption is optimized at all times.


Industrial lighting control

Smarteh comprehensive automation solution offers unbeatable flexibility in lighting control system. Intelligent building control allows all lighting-related functions to be combined in a single installation solution.

To further enhance guest comfort, Smarteh Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can use scenes, time schedules, pushbuttons, switches and sensors to control any kind of lighting including emergency lights. All type of light control technology is supported as classic on / off light switching, integrated FET transistor dimming, 0 .. 10 V dimming and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming.

This ensures intuitive and simple operation by users, increased safety and convenience through situation based operation or energy saving through occupancy based lighting functions.


Access control

The access devices as key-card RFID readers/holders, electrical locks etc. of the Smarteh access control are directly connected to Smarteh LPC-2 controllers, thus the same automation equipment and capabilities for functioning is used as for all other automation systems. So the access functioning can be integrated inside the controllers for the rooms, offices, halls or other systems, that minimizes the number of controllers, installations, cost of the equipment and simplifies the maintenance.

By standard RFID technology like Mifare and EMarine, the same cards can be used for other purposes as entering the prepayment facilities like pools, Spa, fitness, elevator, garage etc. or for other identification purpose. Besides the access purpose for door locking, the RFID holders plays main role in room occupancy detection that is related to energy saving feature


Wired & Wireless networks

Smarteh building automation system is supporting various wired and wireless standard communications like Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet BACnet, Modbus RTU, CANopen, EnOcean, Infrared IR etc.

Communication usage examples:

  • Ethernet BACnet for communication between building automation and supervision systems.
  • Wifi for users to control automation functions with mobile devices.
  • EnOcean for interfacing EnOcean wireless devices as sensors, actuators, etc. into the automation system
  • Infrared IR interface to control various types of IR controlled devices as air conditioning units etc.

Wired and wireless concepts can be combined to optimize technical and functional demands.

Efficient energy saving

Commercial and public buildings comprises of many different spaces with diverse usage. Smarteh intelligent building automation offers outstanding options for assuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly operation in offices, shops, classrooms, public areas, seminar rooms, conference centres, health and fitness areas, restaurants, kitchens, service areas, outdoor facilities and others.

In accordance to the European standard EN 15232 the potential savings for thermal and electrical energy can be calculated for each class based on the building type and building purpose.
For example, by using class A, 30% of the thermal energy can be saved in the offices.

Same automation modules for entire building

Main control module of Smarteh open Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) LPC-2 system is the heart of the Smarteh building automation systems. Its purpose is to execute application program, communicate through various networks and to exchange data with added input output, communication and peripheral modules. The controller is powered directly from main 230 / 115 V AC power supply.

Smarteh modular controller design allows that same equipment can be used to control the entire building like rooms, offices, shops, seminar rooms, conference centers, health and fitness areas, kitchens, restaurants, corridors, utility rooms, garage, boiler rooms, etc.

The room controller can work as a stand-alone or can be connected to the network. Controllers can communicate with supervision system or other softwares in order to make the functioning transparent and fully efficient. In most cases all the room controllers are connected to the BMS through the local Ethernet network. This reduces the costs of installation since there is no need for pulling and testing additional communication cables.


Easy maintenance

While all building automation systems are connected to one network and are supervised by a common supervision system, it is easier and much cheaper when it comes to maintenance during the operation of the building.
Due to the above advantage, the Smarteh building automation system is enabling the use of unified spare parts for the entire building.

Contemporary design

Special attention was paid to create a user interface peripheral modules of an attractive design that suits even the most demanding standards of a modern building.

We offer a wide range of user interface products for access, temperature control, etc. to meet design and functionality demands. From 2,1” colour LCD Standard and Comfort intelligent peripheral modules to the latest Luxury 4,3” and 7” colour LCD glass capacitive touch screens.

For Standard user interface intelligent peripheral modules there are many different cover plates available and can adapt to any kind of client’s colour or material requirements like metal, leather, stone, glass, wood or plastic. On any Smarteh user interface module with colour LCD customized background picture and i.e. logo can be added.

Comfort frameless and Luxury range of glass touch screens offers an intuitive, clear and flexible user interface between a user and building automation system. Multi screen pictures, menus, control buttons, statuses images, etc. can easily be designed and programmed to the individual high-level graphical design and functional requirements.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM)

The access system is one of the top priority security segments in buildings. Implementing an online network controlled locking system, the user or guest will feel safe and comfortable and the building management will have an online powerful tool for complete supervision over the access in the building.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM) is usually running on PC in reception and can operate as stan-alone or in conjunction with Building Management System (BMS) software. USB Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) contactless card reader for key-card assignment is attached to the SAM PC. PC with installed SAM is connected to the network and forward to Smarteh controllers in rooms and other access points. The online concept enables real-time features as online key-card access assignment, online monitoring and logging of all access events.


Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) offers advanced supervision control over all automation systems of the building and is part of the Smarteh building automation system.

BMS software is used in buildings to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment systems such as Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power systems, fire systems, access control, security systems and others.

BMS is a graphical interface to all automation processes running in all rooms of the building.


Energy Management System

Granlund Manager combines energy efficiency and building maintenance in a unique way. It consolidates data from different energy sources into easy understandable statistics, producing important information for energy follow-up. External energy data can either be read manually or automatically imported from different sources, such as BMS systems.

Granlund Manager not only consolidates and reports energy information, it also translates building data into easy understandable energy performance and indoor conditions KPIs. By following real-time building performance with predefined targets, optimal energy usage for the building can be achieved. Granlund Manager also makes it easy to identify, resolve and follow-up deviations, such as system failures or peaks in energy consumption.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Granlund Manager is a modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that is used in over 30 countries and by thousands of end-user organisations around the world. With over two decades of industry experience, today Granlund Manager is cloud-based software that comprises different modules that can be tailored to respond to the different needs and phases of your organisation.

Granlund Manager makes it possible to save costs and energy, and take control over building asset data and any related activity. Granlund Manager is fast and easy to implement and within three months of operation can save up to 30% of energy costs.

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