Access control & Security systems

Access control

The access devices as key-card RFID readers/holders, electrical locks etc. of the Smarteh access control are directly connected to Smarteh LPC-2 controllers, thus the same automation equipment and capabilities for functioning is used as for all other automation systems. So the access functioning can be integrated inside the controllers for the rooms, offices, halls or other systems, that minimizes the number of controllers, installations, cost of the equipment and simplifies the maintenance.

By standard RFID technology like Mifare and EMarine, the same cards can be used for other purposes as entering the prepayment facilities like pools, Spa, fitness, elevator, garage etc. or for other identification purpose. Besides the access purpose for door locking, the RFID holders plays main role in room occupancy detection that is related to energy saving feature


Security alarming

Beside access control, Smarteh access control system can also function as security alarming system. Installed Smarteh access control equipment can detect and report violent entry to any room. Smarteh Access Manager (SAM) software can generate corresponding alarm and can record all access history for each room or access point.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM)

The access system is one of the top priority security segments in buildings. Implementing an online network controlled locking system, the user or guest will feel safe and comfortable and the building management will have an online powerful tool for complete supervision over the access in the building.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM) is usually running on PC in reception and can operate as stan-alone or in conjunction with Building Management System (BMS) software. USB Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) contactless card reader for key-card assignment is attached to the SAM PC. PC with installed SAM is connected to the network and forward to Smarteh controllers in rooms and other access points. The online concept enables real-time features as online key-card access assignment, online monitoring and logging of all access events.


Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) offers advanced supervision control over all automation systems of the building and is part of the Smarteh building automation system.

BMS software is used in buildings to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment systems such as Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power systems, fire systems, access control, security systems and others.

BMS is a graphical interface to all automation processes running in all rooms of the building.