System integration

Wireless & Wired networks

Where wireless communication is needed, Smarteh can offer various wireless interface possibilities for connection with network/s and wireless devices, as;

  • Wifi routers/dongles to connect Smarteh controllers with BMS or other supervision systems, as well to establish connection with mobile devices.
  • EnOcean module for interface with EnOcean battery less devices as sensors, actuators, etc.
  • Infrared IR interface module to control various types of IR controlled devices as Air Conditioning AC units etc.

Wired and wireless concepts can be combined to optimize technical and functional demands.

Internet Of Things (IoT) ready controllers

Smarteh PLC based controllers and Touch panels are Internet Of Things (IoT) ready.
Various Ethernet communication protocols as RESTful API or similar can be used for communication with servers and/or clouds.

Self check in kiosk

Self check in kiosk as a part of GRMS and thereby Smarteh hotel automation system is a guest management platform that every hotel can use to save time and money while boosting productivity.

With self check in kiosk, there are no upfront capital expenditures or lengthy procurement cycles.
Self check in kiosk can trace any booking from OTAs such as booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HRS, and much more. Payment is cashless using debit/credit cards, quickly printing out receipts.

The presence of 42 different languages breaks down any language barrier facilitating the check-in experience and making it less stressful for both customers and staff. Self check in kiosk recognizes different types of documents and can use this information to complete the registration form. Recognition takes only a few seconds, further reducing check-in times even when filling in the documents required for the stay.

SQL database

In case that the HMS of the hotel is not supporting the FIAS protocol at all, the interfacing between the HMS and the Smarteh hotel automation system can be done by using the SQL or a similar database.

SQL database communication can also be used for interfacing Smarteh building automation system in any building like hospital, school etc. with selected management or other software system.

Smarteh Fidelio Interface (SFI)

Smarteh Fidelio interface (SFI) based on FIAS protocol and certified by MICROS-Fidelio corporation is a software application typically used as an interface between the Hotel Management System (HMS) and the Smarteh hotel automation system.


Smarteh system integration

Smarteh can provide you turn key solution for any of your selected building or industrial automation project.

Smarteh technical support team is ready to help you with consulting regarding most suitable Smarteh automation solution and electrical drawings for your project. ACAD and CADDY libraries of Smarteh automation equipment are available on our website.