Building supervision & Management systems

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM)

The access system is one of the top priority security segments in the hotels and other business buildings. Implementing the reliable online contr­olled locking system, the users – guests will feel safe and comfortable and the building management will have powerful tool for complete supervision over the access in the building.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM) is an application module integrated as a part of the Smarteh Building Management system (BMS), but can run stand-alone also. It is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) contact-less technology, which is reliable and robust proven concept.

Smarteh Access Manager (SAM) is running on centralised computer/s (with USB RFID reader attached for key-card assignment) and it is connected online through the network with the access controllers with access units in the building (room and office doors, halls and facility entrances etc…) Online concept enables the real-time features as online key-card access assignment, monitoring and logging of all access events.


Smarteh Mobile Manager

Room guests can control available functions of a room using standard electric switches or by Smarteh multi-functional touch switch panels.

For guests who want to take control of their hotel staying a step further Smarteh have designed Smarteh Mobile Manager to control room by their mobile device. Room guests logs in Smarteh Mobile Manager with „Room ID“ and „Password“ provided by hotel receptionist or operator.

Through an intuitive and easy to use interface the guest can remotely control room functions, such as temperature, ventilaiton, lighting, shades, room statuses, environment scenarios and many more.


Hotel Management System (HMS)

Hotel management system (HMS) is powerful application that performs essential financial and organizational functions for hotels, motels and other forms of lodging. These functions include reservations, employee scheduling, accounting, property/maintenance management and customer relationship management.

Smarteh Fidelio Interface (SFI), certified by MICROS-Fidelio corporation, is a software application used as interface between the Hotel Management System (HMS) and the Smarteh Building Management system (BMS).

In case that the HMS of the hotel is not supporting the FIAS protocol at all, the interfacing between the HMS and the Smarteh BMS can be done by directly sharing exchanging the needed data by the SQL database or similar.


Building Management System (BMS)

Smarteh Building Management System (BMS) offers an advanced supervision control over all automation system of the hotel.

BMS is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment systems such as Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power systems, fire systems, access control, security systems and other. BMS system is also an important component to managing energy demand.


Energy Management System

Granlund Manager combines energy efficiency and building maintenance in a unique way. It consolidates data from different energy sources into easy understandable statistics, producing important information for energy follow-up. External energy data can either be read manually or automatically imported from different sources, such as BMS systems.

Granlund Manager not only consolidates and reports energy information, it also translates building data into easy understandable energy performance and indoor conditions KPIs. By following real-time building performance with predefined targets, optimal energy usage for the building can be achieved. Granlund Manager also makes it easy to identify, resolve and follow-up deviations, such as system failures or peaks in energy consumption.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Granlund Manager is a modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that is used in over 30 countries and by thousands of end-user organisations around the world. With over two decades of industry experience, today Granlund Manager is cloud-based software that comprises different modules that can be tailored to respond to the different needs and phases of your organisation.

Granlund Manager makes it possible to save costs and energy, and take control over building asset data and any related activity. Granlund Manager is fast and easy to implement and within three months of operation can save up to 30% of energy costs.