Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control systems

Simple and energy efficient HVAC control

The Smarteh Programmable Controller enables energy-efficient control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications in building. Independent of whether the desired temperature is given by the user, automatically according to the room usage or centrally from the facility management, the controller reacts accordingly. Exactly the required room climate – simply, precisely and economically.

Further on Smarteh network system and energy saving algorithms optimize air handling units, hot and cold water treatment ensuring entire building energy consumption is optimized at all times.


Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55).

Optimal thermal comfort have a significiant positive impacts on the morale, health, wellbeing and productivity of building occupants.

To achieve optimal thermal comfort for building occupants it is very important to install reliable and energy efficient HVAC control system. In combination with Smarteh Programmable Controller, room thermostats and sensors the comfortable room temperature, relative humidity and air speed are achieved automatically.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Poor indoor air quality has been associated with various health disorders like headaches, chronic coughing and sneezing, dizziness, dryness and irritation of the nose, throat, eyes and skin.
After long or repeated exposure to poor indoor air quality, these health disorders can lead to serious respiratory problems, cancers and heart diseases.

Using of volatile organic compound (VOC) and carbon dioxide CO2 sensors allows the ventilation in the room completely automatized. Sensor detects air quality in the room and sends a signal to controller that activates ventilator whenever ventilation is needed. In this way it automatically supplies fresh air into the room and keeps it ventilated and fresh.


Prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses

Halton Vita Cell Room extracts air at ground level and treats it with a ePM1 55% (F7) pre-filter followed by a H14 HEPA filter and supplies a high capacity ultraclean airflow to the room. Adjustable vanes allow adjustment of the supply airflow pattern.

The unit removes 99,995% of the particles from the recirculated airflow, which means that the filtration efficiency is 1000 times higher than in respirator masks recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Health Care Personnel caring for patients with confirmed or suspected respiratory pathogens.

For further inquires please feel free to contact our business partner Halton.

Kitchen ventilation

With Halton solutions, lower the part of the energy and maintenance in the meal cost while benefiting from the healthiest make-up air and a globally safe ventilation system.

Halton’s hoods, ventilated ceilings and energy saving technologies comply with the highest hygiene, energy efficiency and staff comfort standards. The embedded technologies benefit from advanced distant monitoring enabling the best of predictive maintenance in order to lower its cost.

Halton kitchen ventilation system can easily be connected to Smarteh building automation systems while same Smarteh control platform is used.

For further inquires please feel free to contact our business partner Halton.

Fire, gas and smoke dampers

Uncontrolled fire is always a serious risk. In an emergency situation a fire can spread via a ventilation ductwork. Therefore it is essential that the ventilation ductwork is equipped with high-quality and robust fire dampers that also prevent smoke from spreading and therefore enable safety for escape routes.

Fire dampers should be connected to HVAC automation system where they can also be controlled in emergency situations.

For further inquires please feel free to contact our business partner Halton.

Wired & Wireless networks

Smarteh building automation system is supporting various wired and wireless standard communications like Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet BACnet, Modbus RTU, CANopen, EnOcean, Infrared IR etc.

Communication usage examples:

  • Ethernet BACnet for communication between building automation and supervision systems.
  • Wifi for users to control automation functions with mobile devices.
  • EnOcean for interfacing EnOcean wireless devices as sensors, actuators, etc. into the automation system
  • Infrared IR interface to control various types of IR controlled devices as air conditioning units etc.

Wired and wireless concepts can be combined to optimize technical and functional demands.

Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) offers advanced supervision control over all automation systems of the building and is part of the Smarteh building automation system.

BMS software is used in buildings to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment systems such as Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power systems, fire systems, access control, security systems and others.

BMS is a graphical interface to all automation processes running in all rooms of the building.