Bluetooth Mesh system

Bluetooth Mesh solution overview

Bluetooth mesh is a latest wireless communication technology that allows you to create large-scale networks with hundreds or thousands of devices.
Bluetooth Mesh is suitable for controlling, monitoring, and automating systems in buildings and industry.

It meets the most demanding commercial and industrial requirements, where reliability, safety, and performance are crucial.

The Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh solution provides energy-efficient control for:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC),
  • Security,
  • Lighting,
  • Shading and
  • Energy consumption management.


Bluetooth Mesh solution advantages

  • Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh topology benefits.
  • Simple new or innovative upgrade of existing electrical installation.
  • One wireless and wired automation system for all buildings results in:
    • Best building automation price for new constructions and renovations.
    • Optimal energy efficiency.
    • Suitable for simple and complex buildings with complex building systems.
    • All in one customized supervision and management system.
    • Cloud interface.
  • System installation, debugging, parameterization, or upgrading in the local network or remotely from a dislocated office.
  • Remote access by any mobile or desktop device using a Web browser as a VNC server alternative.


  • Main control device industrial platform as a guarantee for robust operation.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Minimized electrical construction works.
  • Possibility of using classic or upgrading of existing electrical installation.
  • Small size of additional Smarteh Bluetooth equipment matches into classic or existing electrical mounting boxes and electrical equipment.
  • Satisfactory user experience.


Bluetooth Mesh LBT-1 products

Smarteh offers a wide range of Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh modules to meet the most complex and demanding automation projects:

  • LBT-1.GW1 | Bluetooth Mesh Modbus RTU gateway
  • LBT-1.DO1 | Bluetooth Mesh Relay output module 1DO (10A) 2DI
  • LBT-1.DO4 | Bluetooth Mesh Triac output module 2DO (1A) 1DI
  • LBT-1.DO5 | Bluetooth Mesh Triac output module 1DO (1A) 1DI
  • LBT-1.B01 | Bluetooth Mesh window / door sensor
  • LBT-1.B02 | Bluetooth Mesh multisensor (Lux, PIR, T/RH)
  • LBT-1.BA1 | Bluetooth Mesh thermostatic radiator and floor heating valve actuator (TRV)


Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh products incorporate secure, powerful and reliable Silicon Labs Bluetooth® modules, developed and manufactured in accordance with Bluetooth SIG standards and certificates.

Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh products are added and connected to a Bluetooth Mesh network using standard provisioning applications such as nRF Mesh, Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh, or similar.


Bluetooth Mesh User Interface (UI)

Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh User Interface (UI) application is pre-installed on the 7-inch capacitive LPC-3.GOT.012 PLC based HMI touch panel.

The LBT-1.GW1 Modbus RTU Bluetooth Gateway is used to transfer/receive data from LPC-3.GOT.012 to/from Smarteh Bluetooth Mesh field devices.

LBT-1.GW1 Modbus RTU Bluetooth gateway is designed to work with any PC or PLC controller if they support Modbus RTU RS485 communication.


Wired & Wireless networks

Smarteh building automation system is supporting various wired and wireless standard communications like Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet BACnet, Modbus RTU, CANopen, EnOcean, Infrared IR etc.

Communication usage examples:

  • Ethernet BACnet for communication between building automation and supervision systems.
  • Wifi for users to control automation functions with mobile devices.
  • EnOcean for interfacing EnOcean wireless devices as sensors, actuators, etc. into the automation system
  • Infrared IR interface to control various types of IR controlled devices as air conditioning units etc.

Wired and wireless concepts can be combined to optimize technical and functional demands.

Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) offers advanced supervision control over all automation systems of the building and is part of the Smarteh building automation system.

BMS software is used in buildings to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment systems such as Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, power systems, fire systems, access control, security systems and others.

BMS is a graphical interface to all automation processes running in all rooms of the building.