Building automation


There can be up to 7 I/O modules connected to 1 controller.

There can be up to 16 modules connected to 1 controller in total but in predefined groups up to 4 of a kind.

Total max. power of modules connected to the main controller is 25W

Main controller LPC-2.MC8 has an integrated port for Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP slave connection and CANopen bus.

Using additional communication modules following communication protocols are available: LON, Enocean and DALI.

I/O modules can only be mounted on the right side of controller.

Additional communication modules can only be mounted on the left side of controller.

Using Smarteh IDE development tool.

Smarteh IDE supports all five standard programming languages: IL (Instruction List), ST (Structured Text), LD (Ladder Diagram), FBD (Function Block Diagram) and SFC (Sequential Function Chart)

Smarteh IDE development tool is free of charge.

No. LPC-2.MC8 controller operates on 110-250VAC that means it can be connected directly to the main power supply.

No. Intelligent peripheral modules are powered directly from the LPC-2.MC8 controller.

It is RS485 over Smarteh dedicated communication protocol.

Yes. Background picture can be changed using Smarteh IDE development tool.

DP1 thermostat has a brightness sensor. LCD dims itself automatically when the room is dark. After pressing any button the LCD illuminates again.

Yes. LPC-2.CR2 is card reader with IP65 protection.