Software development

Smarteh Software (SW) Research and Development R&D team masters a wide range of programming skills and can create a SW application that will best suit your requirements and needs. So almost any PC based application SW, microcontroller based Firmware (FW), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) SW or supervision SW can be programmed for your selected project or product.

Product development

Smarteh Hardware (HW) R&D team is composed of HW developers, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designers and construction designers. We manage entire HW R&D process and we can do or help with:

  • Consulting
  • Specification
  • Research & Development
  • PCB design
  • Prototype
  • Testing
  • Test device
  • Product industrialization
  • Serial production mid to high volume

Control panel design & fabrication

Smarteh can offer complete serial production of prefabricated sets for automation as electrical cabinets, junction boxes, cable sets, adapters, etc.
Smarteh project technical team offers support to clients with electrical & mechanical design for prefabricated sets and to find the optimal solution for the client.

All products are made following the highest standards of production, quality used materials and tools by qualified personnel.
To keep the highest level of quality and reliability, all products are finally tested with production testing devices and equipped with requested documentation.