NEW LPC-2.MB1 Meter Bus (M-Bus) communication module

NEW LPC-2.MB1 Meter Bus (M-Bus) communication module

For the most demanding remote and networked transfer of consumption data of M-bus slave devices Smarteh has developed and released LPC-2.MB1 Meter Bus (M-Bus) Master communication module.

M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a European standard for the remote reading of
➢ utility meters (e.g. water, electricity, heat or gas meters),
➢ sensors and
➢ actuators.

LPC-2.MB1 Master communication module is able to communicate with up to 20 M-Bus slave devices.

LPC-2.MB1 Meter Bus (M-Bus) communication module
LPC-2.MB1 Meter Bus (M-Bus) communication module


LPC-2.MB1 is controlled and powered from the main module (e.g. LPC-2.MC9) via the internal bus.
Smarteh LPC-2.MC9 main module is freely programmable PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with integrated Ethernet connection and can be used as a Modbus TCP/IP Master and/or Slave device or BACnet IP (B-ASC).
LPC-2.MC9 main module have also two CAN bus for CANopen protocol and RS-485 bus for Modbus RTU master protocol, used e.g. for local or remote connection to other PLCs or HMIs.

LPC-2.MC9 main module can be easily integrated into any Building Management System (BMS), Energy Monitoring System (EMS) or IoT Clouds.
User programmable code possibilities in Python programming language as RESTful API, SQL connection, Webpage data exchange, sending E-mails (SMTP), …

In addition, LPC-2.MC9 is designed to connect additional input, output modules on the right and network modules on the left.
Hardware configuration is done using Smarteh IDE free programming software, used to design user configuration selecting from a wide range of modules in a single configuration.

LPC-2.MB1 User Manual can be found on the following webpage:

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