NEW LBT-1.GW1 Modbus RTU Bluetooth gateway

NEW LBT-1.GW1 Modbus RTU Bluetooth gateway

The Smarteh NEW LBT-1.GW1 Modbus RTU Bluetooth Gateway is designed to work with any PC or PLC controller as long as it supports Modbus RTU RS485 communication. In addition to the default 115.2kbps/8N1, other communication settings are also supported.

If the PC cannot directly support RS485 communication, it is possible to use a suitable USB ↔ RS485 adapter, i.e. Smarteh LSA-2 USB adapter. For each Smarteh LBT-1 product, such as LBT-1.BA1 BLT Mesh thermostatic valve actuator, LBT-1.B01 BLT Mesh window/door sensor, etc. there is a description of Modbus RTU commands in the corresponding user manual. Using these commands, communication with the nodes can be established after the LBT-1 nodes are successfully provisioned/added to the Bluetooth MESH network.

In addition to Smart Bluetooth Mesh devices, other standard Bluetooth Mesh devices can also be included in the aforementioned Bluetooth Mesh network. More than a hundred Bluetooth Mesh devices can be provisioned and can operate in a single Bluetooth Mesh network.
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Bluetooth mesh user manual system topology_LAN_WAN

LBT-1.GW1 user manual:

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