LPC-2.DT3 multi functional touch switch, access, temperature and status glass panel


LPC-2.DT3 is multi functional touch switch, access, temperature and status glass panel.
It is all in one replacement for access, thermostat panel and regular electric switches.

Integrated MIFARE RFID reader offers card access or card holder functionality.

LPC-2.DT3 panel includes temperature measurement and temperature control functionality.

With modern frameless glass screen with LCD and touch buttons, LPC-2.DT3 offers an intuitive, clear and flexible interface between the user and the building devices.

LPC-2.DT3 supports up to 8 touch switches. On integrated LCD colour display, each touch switch label can be customized.

Up to 8 LPC-2.DT3 panels can be directly connected to Smarteh main control unit LPC-2.MC8 or LPC-2.MC9.

Beside main functionality, LPC-2.DT3 can be used for various control requirements as light, shades, blinds control switch and room status activation switch (DND/MUR/SOS) achieving affordable and optimal solution with one multi functional touch glass panel.

LPC-2.DT3 User Manual can be found on the following webpage:

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