GSM commander GM2 clearance sale


Dear customers,

we would like to inform you that we have a clearance sale of GSM commander GM2 product.

For this reason we are offering to all existing and new customers 30% discount at the purchase of the product GSM commander GM2.

GSM commander GM2 is designed for the remote switching of devices via the GSM network as well as the remote retrieval of status information of the inputs
and the generation of SMS message after status has changed at the inputs.
With GSM commander GM2 you can control two relays and monitor the status of two digital inputs with your mobile phone.

Apart from the GSM commander, a valid SIM card of any mobile network provider (GSM 900 / 1800 Mhz) is needed.
Upon GSM COMMANDER GM2 activation, you can send SMS command from any GSM telephone if phone number is authorized.

GSM commander GM2 is supplied by 230VAC 50/60Hz. Maximum switching power per internal relay is 0,5A (200VA). For higher switching power an external contactor should be used.
GMS commander GM2 can be powered also by external 12V battery, which will ensure uninterrupted operation of the GSM commander GM2 product also in the event of a main power failure.

Typical fields of application are the switching on and off the electric devices as well as generating alarm messages (SMS) or the retrieval of information from door sensors, movement sensors, temperature sensors or level sensors, etc.

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