It combines the best features industrial PLC (Programmable Logic
Controller) industrial controller, such as modular integration and standard programmability,
and controllers for building automation solutions, such as ease
of installation and low price.


System Fit

Smarteh design support team can provide a pre-programmed plug & play or a custom-made PLC application software, depending on customers needs. This way it always presents an optimal solution for the particular project installation. Smarteh solution for hotels goes even a step further with the LPC-2.R01 module, cost-performance optimized module to control automation needs of a typical hotel room. As such, it controls lights, room power, electrical door lock, fan coil or any other air conditioning unit and reads balcony door switch, key card holder, etc.

Support For All Standard
PLC Languages
+ Free Software

Unique Smarteh IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software enhances designing and configuration process even further by the use of graphical user interface where actual modules are shown and the corresponding physical connections and variables are visualized.


Smarteh IDE supports five different PLC programming languages: Ladder diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Instruction List (IL) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

Composing, programming and debugging Smarteh controllers using Smarteh IDE is completely free of charge. Loading application software from PC to controller does not require any software or hardware keys and no fee is charged to install and commission Smarteh devices.

Ladder Diagram
Structured Text
Block Diagram
Function Chart
Instruction List
Free Software

Existing Ethernet Can Be Used

The main control module can be easily integrated into any BMS (Building Management System) using standard communication connections and protocols such as Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP, CAN Open or LON.

Same Modules For Entire Hotel Complex

Smarteh modular controller design allows same equipment to control the entire facility (rooms, corridors, utility rooms, kitchens, etc.). Using one of the standard communication protocols, controllers can be easily combined together in interoperable network with one monitoring and controlling system. Such solution allows optimal utilization of all controlled devices and consequently significant energy saving.

Best Sales And
Technical Support

Uniting both, customized sales and responsive technical support, we always want to provide best optimization of the the engineering process.

Smarteh tehnical team will assist you finding optimal solution for your automation challenge.


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