Architects and designers are looking for innovative and advanced solutions that
follow current market trends. They have to consider energy efficiency and
include modern intuitive technology in their designs.
Modern design that matches the interior and is
functional at the same time is of great importance as well.


Intuitive And Simple
End User Interfaces

Intuitive user experience allows guests to get easily and quickly familiar with all the features providing well being. They can control air conditioning, lighting, shading etc.
User-friendly interfaces are accessible in different ways: on room wall, TV and on mobile device.

Contemporary Design

Special attention was paid to create a device of an attractive design that suits even the most demanding standards of a modern hotel room. There are many different casing colour shades available and on colour display customized background picture and trademark can be added.

Cutting-edge Technology
Solutions As VOC Sensors
And Wireless Thermostats

Using of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound ) sensors allows the ventilation in the room completely automatized. Sensor detects air quality in the room and sends a signal to controller that activates ventilator whenever ventilation is needed. In this way it automatically supplies fresh air into the room and keeps it ventilated and fresh.

Wide Specter Of Design
Shemes Available

3 and 7 inch colour displays are available. Both types of display offer a programmable user interface which means we can develop and customize product depending on customer desire.


Standard Networks Supported

There are no restrictions in terms of the choice of switches, sockets and push buttons; customers can choose the ones they like. System is based on concept of classic automation and can be electrically connected to peripheral elements (buttons, lighting, etc.) with the use of standard electrical signals. Peripheral elements use the same concept as standard electrical installations.


Electromagnetic radiation is minimal due to the use of a classic approach to automation. All switches are connected with low-voltage signals.

There is a possibility of changing the system from standard wiring to automated system as the peripheral elements can remain the same or at least they are similar. Maintenance of our system and periphery usually does not require an expert which makes it less expensive (less labour and material costs).


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