Hotel complexes with a cost-effective management and an appealing
environment that provide a high level of comfort and security
can represent an excellent business proposition. Innovative
building automation system from Smarteh supports these aspects.


Efficient Energy Saving

A hotel comprises of many different spaces with diverse usage. Smarteh intelligent building automation offers outstanding options for assuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly operation at receptions, in public areas, seminar rooms, conference centres, health and fitness areas, restaurants, kitchens, service areas, outdoor facilities and above all guest rooms.

Guest Comfort

Guests expect optimal comfort conditions in public areas (lobby, restaurant, boutiques, etc.) and particularly in their rooms, where comfort is personalized. Guest room control is of vital importance in a hotel building as the rooms usually cover 70% of the surface and account for around 30% of energy consumption. Guests can control several functions with just a touch of a button on the automated user interface. Lighting, air conditioning and shading can all be controlled from the comfort of the room. Automated illumination, air conditioning, bathroom heating, water-flow, shutters and curtains help to save a significant amount of energy.

Security Comes First

The ability of forwarding safety-relevant messages and taking appropriate action from external locations, such as reception or maintenance centre, really makes the Smarteh network solution stand out.

Staff Utilization & Monitoring

Not only that your guests can inform you of their wishes, now you can remain in constant contact with the room all the time. Smarteh building automation system helps the hotel staff to react immediately in case of a problem.
The online system makes an almost immediate announcement of card registration as well as automatic invalid cards cancellation.


It provides a track record of all access points, thus giving the stuff room entrance full history. In case of a stolen or a lost card the cancellation can be performed easily from the reception desk. The online system features standard interface with Hotel Management Systems such as MICROS Fidelio.

Easy Maintenance

While equal building automation equipment is used for entire building, it is easier when it comes to maintenance during the operation of the hotel. Due to above advantage, Smarteh intelligent building automation system offers unified spare parts for the entire building.


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